About Us

Britt Harris, a Connecticut native who possesses the uncanny ability to judge a pizza without even looking at it. Perfectionist. He is an expert grower with extensive pest management knowledge and greenhouse experience. Britt possesses an impressive collection of vintage garden hoses and 80’s Dramm nozzles. Call him anything you want, just don’t feed him Chicago “pizza”.

Cameron Tarnas volunteered on farms in the Pacific NW and Northern California for short stints after high school. He found out something that many young folks don’t find at home or in school, and if you ask him, he might just talk about it forever. Or he might try to sell you on one of the million other ideas in his brain. Is a proud 1980 Toyota Tercel owner and likes baking bread. Wander on old soul.

Matt Boylan, a True son of Michigan. Used to bang on drums in shallow pits under creaky houses before a hundred people, he now dreams about cats and drip irrigation, frothy mugs of craft beer and, oh yea, Old Milwaukee. Believe it or not, nothing lives in his beard. He eats a pasty pie a day, just out of respect for the Upper Peninsula.

Garlic Brothers Produce is a Michigan small farm partnership between three young farmers in Kalamazoo, MI. We raise vegetable and herb plants in the spring, grow and harvest produce in the high season, and are able to source just about any fruit grown in these parts. We’re not afraid of being wrong.

We pay attention to what we’re doing. We eat what we sell, and if we don’t like it, we tell you so that you can decide.

Our herbs are fresh cut. We bring living plants to markets for people to buy or take cuttings.

Ask us about custom growing.

Ask us about CSA’s, beekeeping, organic pesticides, when to plant tomatoes…

Ask us anything, we’re here. Thanks.